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Welcome to the Book Club!

Hi there! Glad to see you've stumbled upon my little Book Club and happy international women's day to the beautiful and brilliant ladies who walk this earth :) 


I recently ended my job at the start of this year and I'm not going to lie, I'm quite lost. A dream job at first, I eventually felt like I've reached a dead end. Next thing you know, it is now March and I'm still rummaging New York city for a job (and a purpose). The recession is taking a huge toll on people here. I got back into freelancing and pretty much am starting from scratch to figure out, once again, what it is that I really want to do - a great privilege. Despite this trek, I'm oh so fortunate to still be able to remain in this strange city.  


At the time being, I'm starting to cook more, eat frequent meals and exercise - things I neglected when I was working an office job. I'm back to reading the books that have been rotting on my shelves for the past couple years. I'm painting and swimming again to calm my nerves. I have hobbies. . . actual hobbies that normal people would have outside of work. I forget that once you're an artist, the thing you enjoy doing (i.e. art) can very easily become the thing you dread if you fail to separate work from living. I'm beginning to feel like a person. And I hope when I've revived that small sliver of inspiration, I could make space for new ideas, and most importantly, myself.


Ultimately, I've been wanting to start a blog for quite some time. And what better place than my website! I'll be sharing the books I've been reading, and pair them with some design work as a little challenge for each post. I'm also thinking of including some of my thoughts on movies, TV shows, trends, news, and all that good stuff on here as well. So in light of the Book Club's first post, here is a cover redesign of SULA by Toni Morrison, one of my all time favorite authors!

Stay tuned!

March 8, 2023


6 months later and still alive! I meant to post more often than this. . . . During this time I was able to secure a new job and I feel so lucky to have the chance to start over :) I'm very grateful. Now that I have more structure, I'll try to dedicate more time into this blog - would love to sustain this creative outlet as much as I can.

A friend recommended The Road to me a few months ago and holy shit what a journey. The hype is definitely overdue but McCarthy's writing is very unique I must say. He's incredibly blunt with his words - doesn't reveal much unless he needs to, and when he does, it is just enough to kill you. I'm surprised at how much devastation he could portray in such short, yet poignant dialogue. 


Great read! Would rate it an 8/10.

September 12, 2023

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